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Kawaii Monster Cafe in Tokyo Japan

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So I've been slacking on my writing! Sorry, I am currently traveling and honestly I can't wait to get home. This week I am spending some time in Japan, which has been so amazing!

For lunch I stopped at Kawaii Monster Cafe, which is in Harajuku (about a 5-10 min walk down Takeshita street depending on how busy it is, Sundays are PACKED). The cafe is on the 3rd floor, so after a short ride up I got to the front door.

I arrived on Sunday at about 1 and there was no line! Not sure what other days and times are like but I've often heard people had to wait in line.

They allowed me to select an area that I wanted to sit in, explained that there is a 500 ¥ entrance fee and everyone who goes in has to buy 1 food item and one drink.

The menu is moderately priced with a couple of expensive items. While I was there, there were no performances, but I have heard the monster girls sing, dance, and put on an amazing show. Also on Thursday nights from 8pm on there is a burlesque show. I also read that you have to buy a lollipop to take a picture with the monster girls (which is 500 ¥) but I was allowed to take pictures for free.

A few people mentioned that service was not great, but my experience was good. I think you have to keep in mind that in Japan people do not work for tips, so it's simply a different experience than in America, where sometimes the waiters hover.

The weekend menu only had a few options, I got the popcorn shrimp and the fries which came with colorful sauces ( you guys know I LOVE COLOR! If you didn't know follow me on Instagram here). You can't really go wrong with deep fried stuff, the food was pretty good. The sauces were ketchup, mustard, wasabi, and the last 2 I have no idea!

Of course after that I got to try some ridiculously beautiful dessert. I had the parfait and a piece of the rainbow cake. The parfait was full of flavor! It had about 8 different icings and each had its own flavor. It also had about 5 different flavors of ice cream including chocolate mint, strawberry & sherbet and a verity of fruit inside.

The whole restaurant is themed, bright and beautiful! Even the bathrooms are super kawaii down to the pastel toilet paper!

As always I wanted to include pricing info for you guys, cause saving money is where its at! This Cafe is a little pricey (think maybe what you'll spend at Red lobster, so not too bad), but if you're planning for vacation you can definitely save to make it happen, it's totally worth it!

  • Entrance fee: 500 ¥ per person ($4.50 per person)

  • Soft drink: 500 ¥ (I didn't get a refill, but something in my gut told me it wouldn't be free)

  • Fries: 650 ¥ ($5.85)

  • Shrimp: 900 ¥ ($8.10)

  • Parfait: super pricey! 2,300 ¥ ($20.69!)

  • 1/4 rainbow cake slice: 850 ¥ ($7.65)

You can go to this restaurant and only spend about $15 if you just fly in for a quick snack ( entry, drink & fries). If you love all things cute and bright, this is a must do in Tokyo!

Here are some pics of this crazy cool restaurant.

More info about my amazing trip to Japan will be on the blog soon, so check back! Have you been to any amazing themed restaurants? Tell me all about it below!


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