Why you Can't Compare the Discount Airlines with the Regular Ones

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For some reason, it makes people mad when I say this but...

I'm just gonna say it... I fly with Spirit Airlines.

And frontier, and Jetstar, and Norwegian, basically all the cheap, discount airlines. All. Of. Them.

I love a great deal, I make sacrifices for my travel, I am not "bad and bougie". Simple.

I love sharing deals with all my social media friends. Most people are appreciative and send me pleasant messages, thanks for that. But then there are always those couple of haters, the ones who always have something negative to say. You know them right? The ones that are never satisfied, whatever you post they pick it apart.

I don't want the people who are in my community, who are new to travel, to be discouraged, or feel any negativity or like they're less because of a travel snob's feelings about certain things.

If you are privileged and can always afford more expensive flights or to always be in first class that's great! Go for it! But if you're constantly negative and making my people feel bad stay the fuck off my post's! Simple! This isn't math. The discount airlines might not be for you, that's fine, but don't spend your time sprinkling salt on everyone else who might be interested in taking advantage of a deal, ok? Ok.

There's no way you would compare a trip to McDonald's to that steak dinner you had a Ruth's Chris. No comparison in regards to food, they're in two separate classes. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy some French fries at 3am when you're drunk, there's a time and place for everything. This is how I feel when people compare the cheap airlines to regular ones.

I hate when people say...

If you can't afford to go "the right way" then don't go. Or "save your money and buy a more expensive ticket". Can I live?

People who put down small stay-cations and domestic travel are assholes, period. If I have a couple days off and I want to fly to Orlando cause it's $60 round trip for a small vacation (like I did this January) , I should be able to do it if that's what my budget grants. So instead I should just stay home? No, how about I go live.

Ok, rant over...

Here's why I fly with them.

I feel like as long as you have realistic expectations and an understanding of what you're getting into in regards to your flight, discount airlines can be your bff. People often have negative experiences with these airlines because they don't know what's going to happen. Be aware of the rules, be smart. Below are the most common grievances people have.

Bag fees- all the airlines have them to a degree. Pack light, go for a small carry on for free. If you need more go for a checked bag if the cost round trip with the bags is still a great deal.

Pay for snacks- I don't know why the fact that you don't get free peanuts and a 50¢ sprite such a deal breaker for people but...

You can pack and bring whatever snacks you want! You can't bring water or drinks inside, but you can bring an empty bottle and refill inside or buy a pop (yes I say pop) after you get past security.

Bad customer service- I have flown with Spirit about 3 or 4 times, I have honestly never had a bad experience. The first time the flight attendants were great, it was my friends birthday, they gave her some free drinks. The most recent time I flew with Spirit it seemed like they had made some upgrades to the plane.

Comfort- seats are pretty average with the discount airlines. Of course more room is always better, but plane rides and sitting still for hours is generally uncomfortable. I can't honestly not tell a difference between seat comfort from airline to airline. I'm 5'6", my legs aren't that long, so I get it if you're 6'5" and need to extra space, once again might not be for you.

Let me tell you some real facts:

1. Every airline has issues 2. Any airline can and will have cancellations and delays. 3. The weather cannot be controlled 4. Every airline has employees who hate their life and are rude. 5. Every Airline overbooks flights, no way around it.

There are negatives that are associated with travel period, but I always find the benefits outweigh the bad. Now that I'm done being a cry baby, I'm back and let's get back to the fun! Send me any travel questions you might have and I will answer them. You can comment below, send me a hi or a calm down :)

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