My 3 Favorite cheap Las Vegas Hotels

StartFragment x-tinymce/html Las Vegas is such a fun city! Along with all the sin, there's great food, shopping and activities. I love Las Vegas because not only is there something for everyone, the city doesn't sleep and you can have an awesome time for a low price! In general all the hotels are pretty reasonable for a stay but the few I have listed below are some of my favs. 1. Luxor I love Luxor! This hotel is always reasonably priced, the rooms are great and often include a huge bathtub. The hotel is built in the shape of a pyramid and has an Egyptian theme, so it always makes me feel like I'm the queen (which I am, of course 👑). The pool is awesome and the hotel is a stop on the rail s

Paris, the Broke Ass Way...

The city of lights, and love, and crepes! Paris is always a good idea! There's so much to see in the city, from museums to shopping, it's one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Paris is on everyone's bucket list and it is an expensive city, but if you plan correctly you can do it the broke ass girl way. I want to share the details of my trip to show you all that its possible to go for cheap. Of course I had to find a reasonable flight. For this trip I flew with Iceland air for the first time. The flight left from Chicago in the evening, we had a one hour layover in Reykjavik Iceland and then we went on to Paris where we arrived around 11am. Overall the experience with Iceland air was

6 Easy Tips That Will Make You Feel Comfortable While Traveling Abroad

Visiting far away places is amazing! Learning about other cultures, seeing new things and trying new foods is great and a hobby of mine but it can also be scary and overwhelming. Going to a strange land where you don't speak the language or know all of the customs can cause a lot of people to stay home where they are comfortable. If you dream of visiting far away lands but are overwhelmed by the differences other countries have I'm here to help! Below is a quick list of easy things you can learn and do before you fly to take the fear out of going to exotic places. 1. Learn some highly used phrases in the native language. I suggest learning things like, "Where's the restroom?" "I'm sorry" "Do

Cheap Ass Travel Tip of the week

Who are you favorite artists? For me, its Beyoncé, period. There is nowhere I wouldn't go to see her, out of town, overseas, I would follow that women to the moon. So when she announced her world tour last year (2016) of course I had to buy tickets. On a whim, I decided to look at foreign ticket master sites to see how much the concert cost in Europe. Fun facts you might not know: In general your favorite American artist's concert tickets WILL be cheaper overseas. In this case, the tickets in the standing only section at the front of the show cost $189 in Paris, we were sold. Look how close we were to the stage! The same is the case for Drake tickets I'm planning on purchasing for the 'Boy M

One Simple Way to Get Discounts on Everything When You Travel

Last week I was thinking about what new topic I should write about, what would people want to learn? And then something accidental and awesome happened to me at work... Story time! I work for a state agency. There is one person who handles all the travel for everyone who works here. Because we are a part of the state and we are here to help people, there is a limit on how much we can spend when we travel (of course we cant get the presidential suite). Let's say, for the sake of round numbers, that amount is $100 a night on hotel rooms. One day last week, the girl who does travel was out sick and I was "voluntold" to book some small things for that day, a couple of hotel rooms and flights. I

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