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Cheap Ass Travel Tip of the week

Who are you favorite artists? For me, its Beyoncé, period. There is nowhere I wouldn't go to see her, out of town, overseas, I would follow that women to the moon. So when she announced her world tour last year (2016) of course I had to buy tickets. On a whim, I decided to look at foreign ticket master sites to see how much the concert cost in Europe. Fun facts you might not know: In general your favorite American artist's concert tickets WILL be cheaper overseas. In this case, the tickets in the standing only section at the front of the show cost $189 in Paris, we were sold. Look how close we were to the stage!

The same is the case for Drake tickets I'm planning on purchasing for the 'Boy Meets World' tour. In the US, tickets for his tour sold out and were on resale for prices up to $600! For the upcoming concert in Europe, there are still standing room tickets available from 62€ for the back up to about 120€ for the golden circle area right in front of the stage. If the tickets are close to the stage I think it's totally worth it. Of course when you buy tickets to a show that's far away, you have to consider the travel expenses, but if you were planning to take a vacation anyway a concert is a great reason to go visit a place you've never been.

The Beyoncé concert was one part of my trip to Paris last year, I will be adding a post soon with more info about trip including what we did, where we stayed and how much the entire trip cost.

Have you been to a concert overseas? Have any trip coming up? Leave a comment below!

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