7 Travel Health & Wellness Tips with Auntie Ambam

Hey Frieeeeends! Have you ever gone on a trip and gotten sick? Need some tips on eating while traveling to avoid it? Well, I'm not healthy so I can’t help, all I eat is high fructose corn syrup, red #5, and Hennessy. But I called in a pro for you all! AJ or everybody's fave internet auntie, Ms. Ambam is pretty knowledgable about all things healthy eating and living. She claims to be "Vegan-ish" Mostly Vegan! Sis is a traveler, blogger, and has a vegan cookbook with bomb recipes that you check out. After our live on the first of May, we wanted to put all the healthy eating abroad info together for you to find in one simple location. So share with your people and help em out! Without further a

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