2 Must Visit Cafes in Singapore for Nerds

Singapore is such a beautiful city! It’s super cool (and slightly expensive) and if it’s not on your list it should be. If you don’t know, I am a pretty big nerd. I love Disney, Harry Potter, Anime, comic books (bruh, have you read Saga? Son.) etc, I can go on for a while. So when I found out about these 2 places I had to check them out. Platform 1094 You guys! There is a Harry Potter themed Cafe in Singapore and if you’re a fan you have to go! The outside looks pretty simple and unassuming, its actually kind of easy to walk past (I did the first time). The Cafe is about an 8-10 ride from little India where I stayed. I used the GPS on my phone to find it and rode the bus, if you do the same

Visit the Broad in LA, here's how...

During my trip to Los Angeles, I was lucky enough to spend a chill Sunday morning at the Broad contemporary art museum. If you are a fan of art, museums, or just cool things in general this should definitely be a stop if you visit LA anytime soon. The broad is open and free for general admission. There is a parking garage, the parking is $12 for 3 hours and the sign said $22 was the max price if you go over that time frame, so I parked on the street for free, since it was Sunday. If you go on a weekday, parking on the street is $1 an hour, so the meter is the way to go! Because the museum is free for general admission, there can be long wait times. I have heard the wait if you just show up c

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