Kawaii Monster Cafe in Tokyo Japan

StartFragment x-tinymce/html So I've been slacking on my writing! Sorry, I am currently traveling and honestly I can't wait to get home. This week I am spending some time in Japan, which has been so amazing! For lunch I stopped at Kawaii Monster Cafe, which is in Harajuku (about a 5-10 min walk down Takeshita street depending on how busy it is, Sundays are PACKED). The cafe is on the 3rd floor, so after a short ride up I got to the front door. I arrived on Sunday at about 1 and there was no line! Not sure what other days and times are like but I've often heard people had to wait in line. They allowed me to select an area that I wanted to sit in, explained that there is a 500 ¥ entrance fee

Amsterdam for Cool Kids

StartFragment x-tinymce/html Amsterdam was really cool, from the clothes people wear to the lifestyles they lead, it was just really cool and relaxed. It is just overall a great city, I can see why people would want to move there. The City was absolutely beautiful, the canals and bikes were mesmerizing and the ferry rides were perfect. It's like a fairy tale town during the day, and the perfect party city at night. If you haven't been you should definitely put it on your list. Whenever I'm about to go on a trip I always hit up Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook for places I should go and things I should do. I love finding unique, cool things to do and that is what this blog is all about. I w

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