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Here’s some random sparkle for your Friday!

ArtScience museum at marina bay sands in Singapore

So, after careful thought and help from all of you about the direction of my “blog”, I’ve decided that I will still be “writing” a lil bit and sharing, but my passion is really helping others see the world, especially you brown ladies & gents who message me and say you’ve never been anywhere or you don’t have a passport.

So I’m putting together some group trips for us to go on. I want them to be super affordable, so unlike these other travel companies, no $6000 trips will be found. I’m working hard to keep everything under $2000 for all trips (and that includes the airfare!) and payment plans will be available. I’ll give you all the info within the next 2 weeks okay?

So let’s get ready to travel together!

I usually hate when ppl say this but Happy Friday!

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