5 Cool things to do in Shanghai

Shanghai was another one of those free stopovers that's helped lower the price of my plane ticket. I only spent a short amount of time there, I would really love to go back! But here's a short list of fun things I did while I was there to entice you to head east! 1. Visit the Bund The bund is a waterfront area with plenty of things to do and see. I was there early in the morning, there were people flying kites, dancers practicing in the park, great views and architecture. This area is beautiful during the day and at night, so if you have time make sure you head back in the evening. I walked around and then took the Bund sightseeing tunnel, which is a short ride in a tunnel under the river. D

I Flew with China Eastern...

A lil info about me first... First off, I am NOT a travel snob. I have nothing against people who are, if you can afford to always fly first class on the best airlines more power to you! I won't judge you if you don't judge my extra cheap ass. With that said, before I fly anywhere or try something new, I often ask groups or look for reviews about airlines or things to do. One of my favorite groups is Black Travel Movement on Facebook, simply put, its like a huge family of hilarious travel lovers. I have noticed there are a couple of "fancy" people in the group. You know, the ones who would NEVER fly Spirit airlines (or any discount airline for that matter) who have global entry, have been to

7 Super Cute things to do in Tokyo!

StartFragment x-tinymce/html My recent trip to Tokyo, Japan was epic! After coming home and looking at the photo's I realized it was also a 9 year old's dream vacation. I spent all my time doing super Kawaii (which means Cute!) things. They say when you travel you find yourself, in Tokyo I found out I'm immature and love all things cute and girly, and I'm OK with that! If you are a lover of all things Kawaii, super cute, and fun, then check out the list below of all my favorite things to do in Tokyo. #1 Visit Animals at a Cafe's Japan is an animal lovers paradise. When I was researching things to do, so many things that I found centered around animals. These cafes are all the rage in Tokyo a

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