How to See Another City for Free During your Vacation! The art of the "Stopover"...

StartFragment x-tinymce/html So this week I'm traveling, yay!! I planned a trip to Amsterdam, I have never been and can't wait to touch down and check the city out. I have heard so many good things about it! But in the meantime I wanted to tell you all a quick story about why I love doing stopovers while I'm already traveling. Stopovers are like trip inception, you know, a vacation inside of a vacation. They're great, because they are usually super cheap (or free!) and a great way to see multiple cities, places, and things during a trip. Story time! During this current trip to Amsterdam, I totally planned on purchasing airfare to London, spending the day and flying back during the trip. I fo

How to Travel Solo like A Boss

StartFragment x-tinymce/html Get your selfie stick ready! We all have those friends, you know the ones that are always down to go on the trip but never follow through. There's always an excuse why they can't go, no money, something came up, whatever! So what is a girl (or boy) supposed to do? Stay home ?? No! I say go alone! I recently had a conversation about traveling alone and found out a lot of people feel weird about traveling solo and that many would never do it. Personally I don't mind going alone, it means I can do whatever, whenever I want without having to compromise or debate. I can sleep or read all day, or I can run around and see all the sights. Think you can't do it? I have fa

The 3 best cheap car rental companies to use and the 3 that you should avoid!

StartFragment x-tinymce/html I love driving cars that don't belong to me. There's just something about driving a car that is not your own that's so fun. I have a thing for sporty cars, convertibles, and just anything that's not my regular boring everyday car. Most of the time when I go on trips in the US, I get a rental because its just so convenient and usually cheaper than cabs and Lyft's. When searching for a rental car, we all tend to head for one of the many sites that will show us multiple prices and compare companies head to head (Kayak, Expedia, etc.). I for one have a tendency to look for the cheapest deal on everything, and because of that I have learned which cheap car rental comp

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