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How to Travel Solo like A Boss

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We all have those friends, you know the ones that are always down to go on the trip but never follow through. There's always an excuse why they can't go, no money, something came up, whatever! So what is a girl (or boy) supposed to do? Stay home ?? No! I say go alone!

I recently had a conversation about traveling alone and found out a lot of people feel weird about traveling solo and that many would never do it. Personally I don't mind going alone, it means I can do whatever, whenever I want without having to compromise or debate. I can sleep or read all day, or I can run around and see all the sights. Think you can't do it? I have faith in you, and I have added some tips for you below so you can get out of your city and see more of the world, whether your BFF has to work or not.

If you don't want to travel alone-

  1. Post in groups and find others who are going: There are lots of groups on Facebook (and other social media) where people can post about trips they are going on and see if others either want to go or will be there at the same time. Social media is a good resource for anything you looking for, you can always send a shout out to friends and family and see if anyone is willing to go with you. I joined the Facebook group Black Travel Movement, and there are always people posting there about trips. Some other good ones are Travelettes, Girls vs Globe, and Girls LOVE Travel. Some recent posts-

  1. There are websites you can visit for traveling solo: I recently found out about, I personally have not tried it, but it is free to sign up, you create a profile, post about your trip or check out trips others are going on.

  2. Book your trip with a travel club: Book you trip with a travel club like One Love Travel Club. For one price, all activities are included and the group does everything together, things like a welcome dinner, outings and parties.

If you don't mind going by yourself, but maybe want to interact sometimes-

  1. Use to find events during your trip: Meetup is a website specifically made for finding and locating friends, if you are alone and want to meet friendly, open people in a non judgmental, public (safety first!) space this is the site for you. The meetups are usually broken down by topic, so if you are a nerd, fashionista, or sports lover you can find people with similar interests. This Site (or app) is also great if you are out of the country because there will usually be an English speaking club, which is a good way to find someone to help you translate.

  1. Make friends while you're out and about: If you have that out going, shining personality, meet friends while you're out. It often easy to spot others on vacation if you go to touristy locations.

  2. Take advantage of free events at hotels or hostel: Hotel sometimes have events, or happy hours where people can gather and network, its a great way to meet new people.

  3. Research your trip before you go: If you do your research and have an itinerary, its easy to know where you'll be, avoid getting lost and never feel alone since you're busy.

Do you travel alone? What are your best travel alone tips? Leave a comment below.


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