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7 Travel Health & Wellness Tips with Auntie Ambam

Hey Frieeeeends!

Have you ever gone on a trip and gotten sick? Need some tips on eating while traveling to avoid it? Well, I'm not healthy so I can’t help, all I eat is high fructose corn syrup, red #5, and Hennessy.

But I called in a pro for you all!

AJ or everybody's fave internet auntie, Ms. Ambam is pretty knowledgable about all things healthy eating and living. She claims to be "Vegan-ish" Mostly Vegan! Sis is a traveler, blogger, and has a vegan cookbook with bomb recipes that you check out.

After our live on the first of May, we wanted to put all the healthy eating abroad info together for you to find in one simple location. So share with your people and help em out! Without further adieu...

7 Travel Health & Wellness Tips

1. Think of Google as your best friend! Whether you’re vegan or have a food allergy, ALWAYS do your research before traveling to a new city/state/country.

2. If you have food allergies or dietary restrictions, make sure to contact your airline AT LEAST 24 hours in advance to make food order requests. Depending on the severity of your allergy, some airlines will refrain from serving nuts to passengers during the flight. Stock up on medications and supplements. You should always bring extra medication in case of emergency.

3. Make sure to pack your EpiPens and medications inside your carry-on. You should always have your medications with you AT ALL TIMES! You should also carry your medical information and emergency contact number with you, too.

4. If you’re renting an Airbnb, my recommendation would be to cook your own food if you have any severe food allergies. Better to be safe than sorry. If you don’t want to cook, you can always hire a professional chef. Make sure they’re aware of your allergies and/or food preferences.

5. Create a food restriction card before your trip (for a list of websites, see below). If you’re traveling to a foreign country, be sure to have phrases written in the local language. You should also learn what your allergy is called (and labeled as) in other countries. It’s not always referred by the same name, so make sure to look that up before your trip.

6. Call restaurants in advance to see how the food is prepared. You can also share with the servers/owner your allergy and dietary restrictions, and ask if they would be able to make a dish for you.

With that point being said (or in this case, written) if a restaurant is unable to accommodate your dietary needs, please be understanding and move on to another place. You have to remember that every restaurant will not be able (or willing) to prepare a speciality meal for you. So it’s best to keep a positive attitude and move on to another spot. There are websites available for travelers with food allergies and dietary restrictions. I’ve listed them below.

7. That also reminds me to tell you to pack snacks for yourself. They come in handy when you’re on tours or on long flights.

What To Pack To Avoid Getting Sick Below are a list of herbs, supplements and foods you can ingest to relieve the following symptoms.

Constipation Relief: Dandelion Root You can eat dandelion raw or take dandelion in capsule form. Senna Black Seed Oil/Capsules Aloe Vera Flax Seeds Figs, Dates, and Prunes Immune System Boosters Oregano Oil/ Capsules Black Seed Oil/ Capsules Vitamin C Capsules Echinacea Zinc Olive Leaf Elderberries Key Limes

Upset Stomach, Food Poisoning, & Digestion: Activated Charcoal Powder Charcoal binds to heavy metals, certain poisons and absorbs toxins. It can also cure a hangover. Take before a night of drinking and you can avoid getting one the next day. It’s also great for upset stomach and food poisoning. Warning: I’ve read that taking activated charcoal in large doses can make certain medications less effective, including birth control. Just be mindful of that. Probiotics Probiotics help to promote a healthy gut environment and balance the good bacteria in your digestion. It can also help to prevent diarrhea (or reduce the severity). If you were recently prescribed antibiotics, it’s also best to take probiotics to restore the healthy bacteria in your body. Ginger or Ginger Tea Key Lime Seeded key limes are the best. Take a shot of key lime juice first thing in the morning to help with digestion. Key limes are also a great way to detoxify your body and fight infections. Papaya Papaya and the seeds help to kill intestinal parasites that cause digestion issues.

Motion Sickness Dramamine Works well but will make you extremely drowsy. Ginger Great for migraines and nausea. Peppermint Oil CBD Oil Also helps with pain relief Skin Treatments (apply the following to bumps, bruises, sores, and fungal infections). Tea Tree Oil Can also use tea tree oil as insect repellant and on bug bites. Aloe Vera For sunburns Bentonite Clay Heals, cleanses, and removes toxins from skin. Myrrh Oil Jojoba Oil

Websites To Know Allergy Friendly Websites Allergy Safe Travel Gluten Free Passport Translation Card Websites Allergy Translation Select Wisely Vegan-Friendly Hotel Websites Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant Finder Happy Cow Vegan & Vegetarian Food Tours

If you have additional questions, please reach out to Auntie Ambam on Instagram @callme_ambam or via email at!


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