Overasked Questions, I’ve got your back!

Recently I have decided to make videos and blog posts about things that I get asked the most. It makes sense right? Clearly it’s what everybody wants to know. So, don't hesitate to send your questions to me! So this weeks over asked question is, “Where is a cheap place for me to go??” The short answer is I don’t know! I mean, how could I? I'm not aware of every flight, to every location annnnd Here’s the thing about cheap travel, even though people try to analyze the best time to fly, the cheapest days to purchase travel, and the cheapest locations, things still pop up randomly that technically don’t fit the mold. Sales happen, glitches happen, flights that are undersold get randomly disco

BAGT Award: Outstanding Outfits in Travel

I gave Victoria the Outstanding Outfits in Travel Award because well, look at her! Check out the photos below and on her instagram and you will see just how fab she is. I am excited to share her with you all, and to show some diversity in the "Travel Blogger" game. Who are you and what do you represent? What makes your site unique? I am Victoria. I represent the ladies who wander off on their own and have a blast doing so. I also represent the ladies who aspire to travel but can't for several reasons. Why did you start traveling? What made you fall in love with it? I started traveling because I want to get away from my comfort zone. I got bored of doing the same things everyday. I fell in lo

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