I’m a survivor! 10 tips to help you survive an extra long flight.

How to survive loooong flights.

We all have visions of far away places, but until they invent hover cars and teleportation (hurry the hell up science!! Tf...) we still have to take long ass flights.

We dread them,

but we also can’t wait until they happen because it means exploring new places, seeing new things, and relaxing on vacation.

As I gear up to head to South Africa, the number one concern the people coming with me have is surviving the exxxxtra long flight there and back.

I wanted to create a quick post full of info to help make your 8+ hour flight fly by.

So, of course I asked the omnipotent, all knowing, undefeated internet to help give me the best tips to share wit all my friends.

So here are 10 tips to help you survive a flight.

1. Snacks!

My mom always gets on me about having snacks every time I travel because you never know what can happen, which is honestly so true. I have heard so many horror stories about people being trapped on a plane or in the airport, so having a lil chex mix is always a great idea.

Airplane food is notoriously bad in most people's opinion (I personally am super simple and easy to please) regardless of the airline. So if you are a picky eater, or if you want some comfort for food, its a great idea to pack your faves. or come with a whole meal.

2. Entertain yourself!

Movies, good books, Netflix, fave TV. shows, games, etc.

I personally am a fan of passing my time watching movies because I hardly ever go to the movies and its a great way to catch up on popular TV shows. I usually end up counting down the time in shows like "If I watch 3 more episodes of The Office we'll be there!" so don't forget to download some entertainment.

bring books/magazines if you're a reader, puzzles like sudoku, some new music can keep you busy, whatever you like to do.

3. Sleep!

With the help of sleep aids is probably the number one thing people advised. I honestly don't take things beyond melatonin gummy's and wine.

The most common ones people recommended were Melatonin, Benadryl, Xanax, Dramamine, and NyQuil.

Now listen:

*Mally is NOT a doctor, she is just equally as smart as one. However, bish consult your own medical professional before taking anything*

Lots of people also recommended staying up the night before so you are exhausted.