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Overasked Questions, I’ve got your back!

Recently I have decided to make videos and blog posts about things that I get asked the most. It makes sense right? Clearly it’s what everybody wants to know. So, don't hesitate to send your questions to me!

So this weeks over asked question is, “Where is a cheap place for me to go??” The short answer is I don’t know!

I mean, how could I? I'm not aware of every flight, to every location annnnd Here’s the thing about cheap travel, even though people try to analyze the best time to fly, the cheapest days to purchase travel, and the cheapest locations, things still pop up randomly that technically don’t fit the mold. Sales happen, glitches happen, flights that are undersold get randomly discounted, you gotta stay woke. Honestly you (and I!) will never know what’s cheap unless you look. Yes people, you have to do the work!

That’s why frequent travelers search for deals daily, join groups like my glitch fare group on Facebook (you can find it here) and follow blogs like mine, because anything can randomly happen. This is also why I’m always screaming, “Be flexible!” Because if you are you will find great deals. Q: How can you find out what’s cheap for you? A: Open searches, that’s how. Q: What’s an open search? A: Using an app or website that allows you to see multiple locations over multiple dates. This is the reason I usually tell people to make their first stop google flights. Because it’s a search engine, you can use the map feature to find whatever is cheap.

If you are set on a location, for example you want to visit Barcelona, you can put the location in and see what dates are cheapest. It is a great starting point to see overall what prices are looking like.

Remember, its not necessarily about the app or website that you use, you just want to find one that you are comfortable with that shows you multiple locations and dates. Beyond google flights, here are some other things you can do to find what’s cheap for you. Direct on discount airline site If you visit a discount airline site that flies to your city, they will usually have a Current Deals page. Find that and from there choose your location and I will show you cheap flights and what cities are on sale. If you are interested in a city, you can select "month view" which shows you cheapest days to fly for the month. Domestic Discount airlines are Frontier, Spirit, Southwest, Jet Blue, Allegiant, Sun Country.

Some International Discount airlines are Wow air, Norwegian Air, and Iceland air, so if you are looking to head overseas they always have great deals. Don’t assume something will be ridiculously expensive, go check! Lots of times when I’m searching for flights for myself or others I’ll start negative thinking “there’s no way this’ll be less than $1000” Then I actually look and find a deal. Moral of the story, you have to friggin check. There can also be a situation where certain cities are pretty much always cheap for you to visit. It is usually a city that a domestic discount airline (Frontier, Spirit, Allegiant, jet blue, etc...) will connect you with for the low. You should know these cities for a few reasons:

1. because when you’re adding stops to make international flights cheaper, this city should be the go to. 2. When glitch fares pop up, you will have more than one location that will allow you to take advantage of the deal. 3. You can always use it for a cheap getaway.

For example, as you all know at this point I live in Kansas City, Missouri. I know from searching and traveling frequently that it is super cheap for me to get to LA via Spirit (usually $60-80 roundtrip) to Denver and Orlando via Frontier (flights start around $25 each way).

Because I know these cities are cheap to visit, I can use them for a quick escape or if I see an amazing flight deal from LA, I can purchase it knowing that I can get there easily. This is how I took my daughter to Japan for her 9th birthday, I’m not rich! And I didn’t go into debt! I found a ridiculous deal from LA to Tokyo for $450, then we took a cheap Spirit flight to LA for about $80. Voila! KC to Tokyo- $530! Overtime you will start to see which cities are the cheap ones for you, the more you search and travel the more you learn. Remember you’re always at the mercy of the airline, if they decide to cancel a route it’ll suck, but hopefully something new pops up. So technically these locations can change all the time, but often a couple cities stay the same. Also, if you are lucky enough to already live in a city where its cheap to fly (LA, NY, etc.) you really have no excuse! Lots of deals come from these big cities daily.

I hope I answered your question in a way that helps! If you have a question I am really easy to reach, you can message me on any social media site, email me or leave a comment anywhere and I will try to help you!

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