What I did in Cape Town South Africa

Hey all! Thanks for following along and reading. I just wanted to create a simple and quick blog post where you could see all the fun thing I did in Cape Town South Africa. I often get asked for itineraries, so this should help you with your planning. No flowery prose here, if you want that go get a book from the library, Just a simple listicle show you what I did while I was there. Feel free to follow on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/brokeassgirltravel on Pinterest here: www.pinterest.com/brokeassgirltravel or on Instagram to see all my photos and keep up with current info: www.instagram.com/brokeassgirltravel Here's a break down of all the fun things that we did on my trip to Cape Town.

6 Tips to Help you Pack

You ready to join #TeamCarryon bih??? This video is for all my beautiful over packers out there. Please watch it and share it with that one friend that always brings 4 huge bags on a weekend getaway and yo mama. Hope this lil Youtube video helps you save time by skipping baggage claim and save money by allowing you to pocket those baggage fees Are you an overpacker?

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