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2 Must Visit Cafes in Singapore for Nerds

Singapore is such a beautiful city! It’s super cool (and slightly expensive) and if it’s not on your list it should be.

If you don’t know, I am a pretty big nerd. I love Disney, Harry Potter, Anime, comic books (bruh, have you read Saga? Son.) etc, I can go on for a while. So when I found out about these 2 places I had to check them out.

Platform 1094

You guys! There is a Harry Potter themed Cafe in Singapore and if you’re a fan you have to go! The outside looks pretty simple and unassuming, its actually kind of easy to walk past (I did the first time). The Cafe is about an 8-10 ride from little India where I stayed. I used the GPS on my phone to find it and rode the bus, if you do the same chances are you will be heading north east from the city, the bus will let you off across the street and up a ways, you just have to take a short walk back.

The outside looks pretty simple but the inside is magic. Of course the decor features owls, stags and wands. You can dress up, there’s a rack with robes scarfs and other options.

The menu is themed as well and offers lots of food and beverage choices. I got the pesto pasta with chicken and it was really good. I could only finish half, took the rest to go and it reheated nicely in my hotel later.

They had the cutest alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, which I didn’t try, I was walking and it just felt too early and too hot for me to drink. I just stuck with water. Of course the favorite drink is Mr Lich's flaming brew, which really looks like the photo, sparks and all. It's some kind of blue alcoholic beverages that when you add the sprinkles on top it creates the flames. Keep in mind I didn't buy one I just watched others get it, so I have no clue what it tastes like.

It was awesome and I would definitely go back. If you’re visiting the address is 1094 Serangoon Road, Singapore 328192 and you can take a city bus there for a few $$. I heard they get very busy on weekends and other peak times, I got there at opening (around 11am) on a week day so I had no problem getting in. Others said they had to wait up to 30 minutes so if you are visiting during one of these peak times call for a reservation or make sure you get there early. The Phone number is +65 62046003 or visit their website

Super Heroes Cafe

If you love Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, super hero cafe is the spot! I love a good themed restaurant, especially when they go all out, it’s all in the details. Super hero cafe missed no details. From the decor to the menus and the food & drinks, everything fit the theme.

I wasn't really hungry by the time I got here, I just had a quick snack and drink but the food looked and smelled delicious and the packaging (Is that what its called? the way the food came, the plates and shit) looked super cool. Not much more to say, the pictures speak for themselves!

Super hero cafe is located in the mall at the marina bay sands. The address is 10 Bayfront Avenue Singapore 01 and the phone # for reservations is +65 6688 7610.

Want to visit these places? Have a question? Want to tell me which house you would be sorted into at Hogwarts? Leave a comment below!

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