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Osaka Japan: Where I stayed, what I did, and what I would do next time!

When people think of Japan of course the first thing that comes to their mind is Tokyo. The fashion, the culture the bright lights! Yes, you will find all these things there, but you will also find it in Osaka. I was lucky enough to be able to spend a little time in this city, but not enough, I would love to go back! Below I'm listing the few things that I got to do and what I would do if I get to go back again.

Where I stayed:

For this short trip I stayed at the Imperial Hotel Osaka, the room was great and the customer service was amazing. I would highly recommend this hotel. You can find their official website here. Just FYI, the price was around $120 a night.

What I did:

Shop on Dotonbori Street

Dotonbori street is a huge area with lots of stores, food, and things to see. There are miles of stores including all your faves, H&M, Disney Store, all the shoes and clothing stores. It is like a huge outdoor mall. I walked for a long distance and I did not reach an end. They were also offering Tax free if you spent a certain amount, so once you were finished shopping you could go to Customer service with you receipt and get your money back.

Wear a kimono and learn about the culture

While I was in Osaka I had the opportunity to learn about and be dressed in a kimono. It was an amazing experience. This shop was located on Dotonbori Street as well. Basically you go in, pick the pieces of you kimono (with a little help) and they dress you. It was a very intricate process and something you should try at least once!

See the lights

Often when we are on vacation we run around all day and sleep at night. Don't forget to stick around during the evening into the night to catch the lights that Japan is famous for.

Stop by and take a pic with the Glico Man

The Glico Man sign is on Dotonbori Street in the midst of the shopping, so while you're there stop and snap a photo with this guy. This sign is Iconic and this part of town is beautiful, its right over the water so it is a must visit for pics.

What I will do next time:

Because no trip ends without a couple, "I wish I could have..." 's

Visit Osaka Castle

During this trip I did get to see the castle, But I wish i had more time to stop and explore and take photos. From all of the pics I see it looks amazing.

Go to the Umeda Sky building

Everyone that knows me knows that I love views! Every time I make it to a new city I try to find the highest point to see everything. For this reason I'm kicking myself for not being able to check out the Umeda Sky building.

Ride the Ferris wheels

There are 2 huge ferris wheels that give you an amazing views of Osaka, so next time I will definitely be taking a ride on one of them, and if you visit you should too.

Have you been to Japan? Dream of going? Let me know below.

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