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My 3 Favorite cheap Las Vegas Hotels

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Las Vegas is such a fun city! Along with all the sin, there's great food, shopping and activities. I love Las Vegas because not only is there something for everyone, the city doesn't sleep and you can have an awesome time for a low price! In general all the hotels are pretty reasonable for a stay but the few I have listed below are some of my favs.

1. Luxor

I love Luxor! This hotel is always reasonably priced, the rooms are great and often include a huge bathtub. The hotel is built in the shape of a pyramid and has an Egyptian theme, so it always makes me feel like I'm the queen (which I am, of course 👑). The pool is awesome and the hotel is a stop on the rail system, so you can hop right on and ride to other hotels, shops and restaurants.

Some people have told me they think the rooms are dated, I didn't mind this while I stayed there. Also, if you gamble a little (I usually only spend about $20-$40 when I play) you can usually receive a discount on rooms. The last time I stayed at Luxor (July 2016) The rooms were such a good price that I upgraded to the suite.

2. Paris

Who doesn't love the city of Paris? Anything french themed and romantic is a win for me. This hotel features a mini Eiffel Tower, great food and an awesome club on the roof. The Eiffel Tower has a glass elevator ride to the top, a fancy restaurant and great view of the city. Hotel rooms start at about $59 a night and have been recently updated with romantic décor in reds. The hotel is also the home of Gordon Ramsay's restaurant Steak and Hexx Chocolate & Confexxions where you can have a "Chocolate tasting" or a "chocolate flight".

The club, Chateau Nightclub, is awesome. It's an upscale hot spot that plays great music on the rooftop. I had such a fun time there, the cover is a little pricey (usually $30) but you can often find someone handing out discount passes.

3. Linq

The Linq hotel is great! It's a newer hotel with hip rooms that is surrounded by shopping and fun things to do. The rooms start at $35 a night and have modern furnishings and graffiti-esque pictures on the walls. This hotel is on the Promenade, which has great shopping, restaurants, and nightlife.

The main attraction is the High Roller, which is the worlds tallest observation wheel. You can ride up and catch the views, take a yoga class at 550 feet in the air, or ride in the Happy Hour cabin and have some drinks.

Honorable mention to Excalibur, Circus Circus, and Treasure Island, which are cheap and have great themes as well!

What is your favorite Las Vegas hotel or experience? Let me know in the comments.


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