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My Cheap Ass Orlando Trip

I love a random trip.

Any time I have a few days off and a couple extra dollars, I go. For my birthday this year ( Jan 6th) I took Friday off and decided a weekend trip would be perfect. So, I searched online to find a flight deal (see my previous post, The most expensive part).

I flew frontier, the flight was super cheap ($62 roundtrip). I know a lot of people have had negative experiences with the cheaper airline ( i.e. Spirit and frontier) but for quick flights I think they are ok. Understand that with these airlines, everything is paid for separately (food, bags, etc.) so pack smart! Frontier is my favorite, they have lots of sales and usually if they need to fill up flights last minute they sell the seats very cheap!

Orlando is a great destination for families and also solo travelers. There’s so much to do and see, including theme parks, water parks, museums and restaurants. My tip for theme parks is to purchase your tickets online before you get there. You can also get Disney tickets online at sams club.

Because Orlando is off peak season at the beginning of January, park tickets were slightly cheaper and hotel pricing was reduced. All in all I spent:

  • $62 for the flight

  • $67 a night (2 nights for the weekend) for the hotel- cocokey which included access to their water park for free

  • $105 Park ticket to Disney World

Which for the weekend was a total of $301 not including food and small expenses.

Have you been to Orlando?? Tell me all about it below!

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