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Avoiding Travel Scams

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Traveling cheap is pointless if you end up losing money or your identity in the process. Here's a short and to the point post about scams you'll encounter while traveling.

Have you been to Cancun recently? As soon as you pass through customs, you're instantly inundated by people asking if you need a ride, if you want to go on expeditions for free, if you want a free vacation to come back.

Let me be the first to tell you, NOTHING IS FREE!

I would strongly advise not even starting a conversation with these people, unless you like being pressured into things you don't need. Not a good way to start a relaxing vacation.

In most places that you go you will incounter situations like this, they have kiosks set up in tourist locations and even in hotels. Want to swim with the dolphins for free or catch a free show in Vegas? All you have to do is go listen to a presentation about purchasing a time share. They will tell you it's quick, it's not. They will tell you that you have no obligation to buy and that you will get your free gifts either way, then they will take up a whole day of your hard earned vacation putting the hard sell on you. After they send you through several different people and you still say "no thanks" you finally get the free gifts they promised you. In my opinion it's not worth your time or your sanity.

If you're looking for things to do or information don't stop at these kiosks, go online and do the research yourself through official sites.

The other types of scams you will encounter while traveling are the same ones you face in everyday life, things like pickpockets, thieves, or people trying to steal your identity. Travel smart, pay attention and don't leave you bags unattended. Always keep your purse zipped and across your chest, don't leave money or your phone in your back pocket and leave your passport in the hotel safe. Simple. Also, if you look like a tourist you will be targeted, large cameras around your neck, Hawaiian shirts and a fanny packs are a dead giveaway.

Hope these few tips help!

Have you had an experience with scammers? Share below.

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