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Frequently Asked


  • Will you plan my trip for my friends and I?
    Unfortunitely, I am not currently planning any trips outside of my own groups, I am simply too busy right now. Id be happy to help you locate a cheap flight for a small fee, if you're intereseted visit the "Contact me" page and send me an email.
  • Mally, are you a travel agent?"
    No I am not, I am simply great at finding good deals. No, I am not interested in joining your company but thanks for the offer.
  • I want to join a group trip, what should I do?"
    Ready to travel? Yay! All you have to do is read the trip page you're interested in fully so you know the details and what to expect, click sign up to fill out the form with all of your info and submit your deposit via Cashapp, Venmo or Paypal to reserve your seat. My trip are sold first come first served and often sell out fast, so get your deposit in asap! If a trip says sold out, you can email me to be added to the waitlist. If a seat becomes available I will you an email to sign up.
  • Are group trips for women only?
    No! My group trips are open to anyone on a first come first served basis, regardless of sex, gender, or sexuality. Just come with an open mind ready to have fun!
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